AgileTek not only hires a very unique type of top software development talent as described in our selection process, but there are a number of unique things about our organization that allow us to attract those people in the first place, and keep them.

  • Our staff. Smart people like working around other smart people. Our insistence in maintaining a high quality of bright, motivated staff makes AgileTek a desirable place to work. Many of our staff have come from situations where they were markedly better than most of the others in their software development organizations, resulting in frustration with those who are slower to catch on. For many, this is the first time they haven’t been the “top dog” and they relish the challenge that comes from working with others as good as or better than they are.
  • Our projects. We shy away from routine maintenance work and other projects where there are very well defined specifications. These projects tend to be an excellent fit for offshore resources and are not a good fit for a highly-skilled partner like AgileTek. Where we shine are projects that involve dynamic requirements and business complexities, as well as more contemporary technologies. These projects naturally tend to be the innovative projects with schedule pressure and high returns on investment where the client can cost justify using a firm like AgileTek. These are the types of projects that challenge and motivate our project teams.
  • Our environment. Many aspects of our environment are attractive to developers. Just the fact that software development is our core competency makes folks want to work at AgileTek. Each of our people has his or her own private office. Being able to shut out the distractions of a noisy “cube farm” results in increased productivity. Team rooms are available when group work is needed. Developers often collaborate in each other's offices, but the core work of writing code is best done without distraction. Needless to say, private offices are not only more productive and more than worth the additional cost, but are very desirable from the individual’s point of view and a drawing card to hire and retain top staff.
  • Our technology. Many software developers in corporate America are working with outdated hardware and development tools. Keeping abreast of the latest developments and providing state of the art hardware, networks, and development tools not only facilitates our productivity and effectiveness, but makes for happy and contented staff as well.