Our unique approach to attracting the top talent is a key factor in making AgileTek the best choice for the highly innovative, complex projects we tackle.

There are four characteristics of our software engineering professionals that makes them stand out from the crowd.

  • Cognitive ability. We have confirmed over and over that cognitive ability is directly correlated to ability to learn. Ability to learn quickly is essential to our success for two primary reasons.
    • Technology is constantly changing. The nature of the projects we accept often requires us to use new technology and processes. There are many competent software professionals who have learned their skill over many years. They do an excellent job, but cannot make paradigm shifts into new things quickly enough to meet the innovative and state-of-the-art demands imposed on our teams by the nature of the projects we do.
    • In order for our clients to take advantage of our strengths in technology and methodology, our software professionals must learn our clients’ businesses quickly and thoroughly. We recently finished our work on a large, innovative software project with one of the most complex business and problem domains we’ve ever encountered. One of our client’s subject matter experts commented early on in our relationship, “I can’t believe how quickly you’re picking up on our business.”
  • Sound software engineering principles. We ensure that our software professionals are well-grounded in basic software engineering and design principles such as object-oriented design and programming. Due to the fact that development languages and tools change so frequently, we are not so much concerned that our software professionals are experts in a particular language or tool. However, we do place a major emphasis on their ability to learn quickly. We hire for long-term success. We want the people working on our client’s projects to be around next year even if the next project requires different languages and tools. This is in stark contrast to some of our competitors who hire contractors with specific narrow skill sets just for one project and then send them on their way.
  • Passion for software. Many people in software development chose our profession because it seemed like a good career path to make a decent living. That’s not good enough for us. We do not only want people who enjoy software development and are good at it. We insist on people who couldn’t be happy doing anything else. We interviewed a young lady in her senior year in college who was looking for a software development job but had majored in another area. Her explanation was that her father was a software developer and urged her not to go into software development just to follow in his footsteps so she majored in General Engineering. She said, “About halfway through college I woke up one morning and realized that, more than anything else, I wanted to make software.” She came to work with us and turned out to be one of the best. Those are the kind of people we want to hire at AgileTek.
  • Attitude. Skill, cognitive ability, and passion for software development are essential, but still not enough to qualify to be on the AgileTek team. A number of core attitudes are also needed. See the section on culture for further details.

To find out how we hire people like this, check out our rigorous screening process. To find out how we keep these people, look at retaining top software talent.