AgileTek's culture is built upon a foundation that we often refer to as:

The AgileTek DNA

We put the needs of our team (clients and colleagues) before our own needs

We are never dishonest or deceitful with anybody

Continuous learning is our way of life

We radiate initiative, agility, fearlessness, persistence, and resilience

The cornerstone of our longevity has been our integrity and openness with our clients.  We believe in and practice an approach whereby we offer 100% transparency when dealing with our clients.  Over the course of any large-scale, complex, enterprise software development project you are bound to run into some critical issues and challenges.  Whether it is good news or bad news, we make everything visible to our clients and work through things as a team.  It is this level of complete trust that has resulted in our clients coming back year after year for repeat business. 

Since our business model is to attract the brightest minds in software development we have a culture that caters to the brightest software professionals.  We often refer to our culture and our people as the “Navy Seals” of software development.  We are an elite group of highly-skilled software professionals that live and breathe software development. 

The brightest software professionals are attracted to AgileTek for the following core reasons:

  1. They love working in an environment composed of highly-skilled software professionals
  2. They like the fact that at AgileTek they have an opportunity to work across many different industries and have an opportunity to learn many different technologies and business domains
  3. We offer a culture of continuous learning whereby our software professionals are constantly being challenged to teach and learn

Since teaching and effective communication are such important parts of our culture of continuous learning, we have formed our own Toastmasters public speaking group.  Participation in Toastmaster provides our software professionals with an opportunity to continuously enhance their public speaking and overall communication skills. 

The bottom line is that we want our software professionals to feel that they are always growing, both from a professional and from a personal perspective.


AgileTek DNA