Our approach is straightforward and combines the following key elements:


  • We have a rigorous screening process and only hire highly-skilled software professionals in the upper echelon of our industry that are capable of producing at high productivity levels
  • We pay competitive wages to our people
  • We charge our clients rates that are commensurate with our productivity and value
  • We are pioneers in the field of agile methods
  • We leverage an agile methodology that has been battle-tested over the course of two decades on “real-world” enterprise scale software projects
  • We work in a project based capacity
  • We do not use offshore resources
  • We are highly selective and only work on projects with high innovation factors
  • We hire people based upon their cognitive ability to learn quickly versus what they already know
  • We work across many different industries and expose ourselves to many different technologies
  • We immerse our people in a culture of high integrity that fosters teamwork and continuous learning
  • We develop long-term relationships with our clients