AgileTek is a custom software engineering firm. Our project teams build innovative software solutions that use contemporary technologies. We focus on clients that are developing life- or business-critical new products and services.

We only hire software professionals in the upper echelon of our industry that demonstrate cognitive ability in the top 4% of the U.S. working population. Prior to joining AgileTek, our software professionals undergo a rigorous screening process that demonstrates their ability to produce at levels several times greater than most software professionals.

AgileTek’s iterative approach is particularly suited to projects with some or all of the following characteristics:

  • High innovation factor
  • Contemporary technologies
  • Evolving requirements
  • Strategic – game changing – business value
  • Time to market pressures
  • Previous failed attempts
  • High visibility with upper management

Our entire business is built upon our ability to attract the best people, assemble highly-skilled project teams, and generate world-class productivity for our clients. For the past two decades our project team members have been building a distinguished track record of successfully delivering upon our approach.